Now that we talked about Charlie, let’s talk about the other one. Her name is Delilah and she came to me during a hard time in my life. She is, with out a doubt, the reason I want to photograph dogs.

When you first meet Delilah, she is not very friendly. If we are in public, she will hide behind me and cower. If we are at home, she will bark at you fiercely! Reminding you that she will protect her family to the death if you make her… Until you sit on our couch. Why? I don’t know. After sitting down, she is instantly in your lap and will love you forever.

Every day when I come home, she acts like I have been gone for weeks! She acts like she is barely able to contain her excitement. And every day, she leads me straight to couch where she shakes uncontrollably until I sit down and let her crawl onto of me.

It is this kind of devotion, love, and passion that truly inspires me. Not only as a photographer, but as a human being.


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