Today we adopted out our long time resident with Ruff Patch, Snow. This is her 3rd adoption and it better last! I am sure going to miss her. She was such an amazing dog! I won’t lie, there were almost tears. But! I am so happy to see her go to such a wonderful home where she is going to have another doggy friend to play with! I love successful events!

Jocelyn Callahan Photography

…and we’re back!

It’s time to start blogging again. It’s been a long summer, and it’s not even over yet! I have been working hard to get the website looking semi-presentable and volunteering my heart out. While I am struggling to find things to get me motivated to blog, let’s start with Saturdays. Every Saturday I spend roughly 5 hours at Petco with Ruff Patch Rescue help with adoption events. Not only is it a great way to give back and help the dogs, but great time to get in some practice. I love getting to know the dogs and constantly trying to find creative ways to capture their personalities… at a Petco. Which can make it challenging at times, but so rewarding when I can make it work!

So here is Jewels. She is a 10 week-ish heeler puppy looking for her new forever home!

Ruff Patch Rescue Event July 6



Thinking ahead

Lately, my lectures seem to be telling me the same thing – to think ahead. At least that is the message I am taking from them. Too often I get caught up in the moment of what’s happening and I forget my visual language. I forget the elements I know that I need to make a good photograph. So with that said, I tried hard to keep these things in mind with my last shoot with Ruff Patch. I think this is one of my favorite photographs from the shoot. What do you think?

Ruff Patch Puppy

Stephanie and Jessa

I want to talk more about photographing other people. I have always been quiet, and shy. I have struggled to come out of my shell around new people, and even worse, finding something to talk about. When I find someone who has a dog, all of that seems to melt away. For a while, I thought I was the only crazy dog lover out there. Oh, how I was wrong! I love taking those photographs of people with their dogs that make them look as crazy and happy with their dog as I feel with mine.